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Microcurrent Antiaging Maskpack


For detail

Microcurrent Device (1) + Conductive Facial Mask (10)


 l My Skin! What’s going on?

Skin is defending various harmful substances and fine dust!

Did you know that even expensive cosmetics cannot reach the dermis inside your skin?

It is too bad that skin does not absorb even if you try hard.

We have developed MC±WELL’s components through many trials and errors, thinking about how to make it get to the inside of the skin thoroughly.  Therefore, referring to the healthy skin formation cycle(turnover period), MC±WELL have made the composition with masks and the device for your convenience to use for about one month.

l  How does this device work?

We always want to have clean skin. When looking in the mirror,

You can find yourself sadWe have thought like “How can we get and see the faster and better result?”

That was our microcurrent mask pack!

Microcurrents in our bodies, which are low currents in the human body like bio-electric currents, play an important role in maintaining skin health as well as an excellent physical activity between around 40 and 60μA.

MC±WELL microcurrent of our Ecowell is a type of induced current, faradic current. This current helps the skincare a lot by a significant effect on muscle contraction and relaxation,


You can see our beauty devices using microcurrents. However, it is found that those are quite cheap, so there are found problems that do not get to the skin fully.

However, our MC±WELL developed by Cellpod is a printed facial mask sheet and easy to use, as the most significant advantage, using high purity silver paste to send balanced microcurrent through the entire face and using the best quality conductivity of silver mesh pattern made from eucalyptus raw material, a green material.

Greater Ingredients, Greater Effect on Skin

The ingredients contained in MC±WELL shows high moisture levels. 

This is the facial mask pack that improves not only the skin’s surface but also fills the skin’s core.

OLIGO-HA (Ultra-low molecule hyaluronic acid)

Ultra-low molecule hyaluronic acid increases skin permeability Keeping moisturizing and skin conditioning.


Showing skin elasticity improvement


Strengthening the skin barrier Increasing dermal composition factor and skin elasticity Improving the problem of the size of pores

All Skin’s Favorite Product!

MC±WELL has been tested to be non-irritating which means very mild.

Our MC±WELL can be used by everyone!

Our Cellpod, MC±WELL has passed and certified U.S. FDA.

Elaborate Mask Pack caring details!

1. Separate Packaging

If the conductivity mask is still wet with essence and mask sheet from the beginning, the pattern of current flow is often disconnected. Therefore, the conductivity mask will lose its function. We would like to make proper mask pack for better work and functions even if it costs a little bit more.

2. A thin layered sheet in the Package

There have been some problems found from several experiments of separate packaging. Some difficulties were permeating the essence into the mask sheet for using, and if pressing a little bit harder to make it well, it can damage the conductivity pattern with the risk of disconnection. To prevent this, one more thin layered sheet is added to help the essence soak in the mask sheet.

3. The way of folding the mask sheet

Over a lot of trials and attempts, we have found the best way to fold the mask sheet. It is to keep the magnet intact at the very top. Also, we have tried many different folding steps for the mask sheet and released this mask sheet in the most convenient way of mask sheet folding so that it is easy for you to use.

1. Prepare a pouch.

2. Turn the valve in the middle of the pouch to make “tick-tock” sound.

3. Gently knead until the mask sheet, and essence are well absorbed throughout.

1. Please lightly cleanse the skin with a cotton.

2. Attach MC±WELL facial mask pack. It is easier to put on with the other thin layered paper.

(Put the handle of the mesh support to the upper right side.)

3. After attaching, put on the device to the middle.

4. Continue the skincare with a microcurrent for 20 minutes.

(Once you use it, it will not work for the next 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, it will work again)

5. Gently tap the remaining essence on the skin!

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HQ·R&D : 1107-1109,11th floor, Hanhwa Biz Metro Bldg(1Cha), 551-17, Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu,Seoul, Korea (07532) 

BRANCH : 1110,11th floor, Hanhwa Biz Metro Bldg(1Cha), 551-17, Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu,Seoul, Korea (07532)  

CEO : Cho Keun Do,      Tax ID : 120-86-62304     E-commerce registration: 2016-Seoul Gangseo-0162 

PHONE : +82 2 3665 7871     FAX : +82 2 718-2880